SERVICES: Experts in Architecture Drawing

We strive to ensure that your property achieves form and function, but it doesn’t end there. We can provide you with the necessary reports so you capitalise on your investment.

Brandrick Architects is committed to creating 21st century homes that are:
  • Future-planned
  • Life-styled
  • Sustainable
  • Economical
  • Intelligent

Brandrick Architects can help, adding value to your real estate projects using their expertise in Architecture Drawing.

For a fixed-fee, we can include:
  • A sketch of the existing floor plan and a carefully-considered design concept.
  • Clear directions on how to undertake the project.
  • An opinion of the probable cost of the building work.
  • Recommendations on the best way to get your project built.
  • Cost Guide.


We can help bring your architectural vision to life

Our talented and experienced team of architects has years of experience working on residential, commercial and heritage projects. Working together with the members of our team, we can deliver plans that bring your architectural vision to life.

Our experts have all the necessary skills and training in design and drafting, while also having a comprehensive understanding of council requirements. Always client-centred, our goal is to make the entire process time-efficient, stress-free and cost-effective.

Our fixed-fee inclusions include:

Floor plan sketch
Our team will provide you with a detailed sketch of the existing floor plan and a carefully-considered design concept for the intended project.

Project instructions
We will provide you with directions on how to undertake the project, so you will be clear on the steps required to initiate and complete the works.

Cost estimate
As part of our fixed-fee we will provide you with our expert opinion of the probable costs of the building work, in the form of a cost estimate.

Members of our team will work closely with you, offering their professional recommendations on the best way to get your project built.

Cost guide
We can provide you with a cost guide, to help you break down your project costs and to help determine if the scope of work is within your budget.

Our range of services includes:

Working with an architect

We’ll work in partnership with you to come up with a variety of options for the design of your building. Our architects will be involved in the initial concept, planning and design process of your project, to deliver a cost effective build within budget.

Project design

Our architects will guide you through the process of project design, from the initial sketch design through to design development, planning approvals and contract documentation. Once those stages are complete, our services can also be utilised for project administration.

Planning and permits

Brandrick Architects offers our clients a range of building planning and permit services. We’ll work in conjunction with specialist town planning to provide consultancy around rezoning, site evaluations, land use studies and statutory planning applications in NSW and Victoria.

Heritage conservation

Our firm offers a comprehensive range of services relating to heritage conservation. We have experience in undertaking heritage conservation works including the preparation of planning applications, applying for heritage conservation funding and restoration works.

Interior design

In addition to architectural drawing services we can also provide a full interior design service to our clients. We closely follow the latest trends, and can consult with you regarding colour selection and material selection, in addition to furniture and joinery design.

Environment and sustainability

Our architectural firm is committed to principles of environmental sustainability, and we incorporate these principles into our designs. We welcome questions from our clients about our particular approaches to environmentally sustainable design.