Moama Anglican Grammar School

by brandrick, January 26, 2017

Brandrick Architects have been working with Moama Anglican Grammar School since the school’s commencement. Projects have included typical classrooms for the junior and senior schools as well as specialty classrooms for music and science.

Throughout Moama Anglican Grammar School’s decade since commencement the school has expanded from 16 students in 2006 to over 700. Rapid expansion has demanded more and more facilities.

The school’s biggest project yet, a new library and an extension to the administration building, is currently under construction.
The 2062m2 state-of-the art facility includes a 485m2 open space with moveable shelving and furniture. The furniture can be arranged to provide a large assembly space for parent information nights or be partitioned off into smaller areas for group work or private study.

Private study rooms, technology and robotics rooms and a boardroom will surround the open plan library to provide specialist curriculum options.

The increase in student numbers has also resulted in increases in teaching and administration staff. The existing staff and administration office building will be expanded to include open plan work spaces, private offices and meeting rooms for parent teacher consultations.

Photographer: Rhys Leslie Photography

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