Shannon completed Residential/Commercial Construction Certificate (Drafting) in 1992 working under Daryl Johns Design for several years in the Bendigo Region.

Talking to Director Shannon Johns about his work Brandrick Architects

Shannon commenced employment with Brandrick Architects in 1994, becoming a co-director of the firm in 2008, and is heavily involved in design and excels in project management.

Shannon originally was drawn to design through a love of technology, with the industry at the time in need of skilled CAD operators and Shannon’s architect father, Daryl Johns, also inspiring him to take up a career in building design.

“In the 1970s my father created some buildings around Echuca that were completely different to everything else at the time,” he says proudly.

“You look at them now and they fit perfectly into the contemporary landscape, he was using different materials and rooflines, completely different styles.”

This longevity in design is important to Shannon, “It’s great to bring in new talent to challenge us older guys, but you do work out what works and what doesn’t as you gain experience.”

“No two projects are ever the same, there are always different challenges, you’re always learning new things as well, the industry is changing so much in terms of products and technology, and you’re always learning as you go, you’re never standing still”.

As a country Victorian based architect, Shannon recognises that whilst architects can now work remotely, Melbourne-based firms can never understand the needs of regional families and businesses like Brandrick can.

“We’re good designers, doing good work, and while there are many others out there, our point of difference is our longevity in regional Victoria,” says Shannon.

“You could be anywhere doing this work now, but Brandrick are different. We’re regionally based, doing regional work.”

Shannon explains that coming in to Brandrick is nothing like entering a daunting metropolitan architecture firm.

“We certainly don’t wear suits and ties,” he says.

“We try to get the clients to talk about what they want. It’s about building that relationship straight away.”

smile. It’s that personal touch: come in, have a coffee and de-stress,” he encourages.

“You’ll be able to see that architects haven’t got two heads, we’re very approachable, and we’re going to work with you to solve your problem.”

Although Brandrick are winners of multiple awards from organisations like the Building Designers Association of Victoria, the greatest reward for Brandrick is seeing people enjoying their buildings.

Shannon explains that it gives him a buzz when people realise that he designed a particular building.

“It’s nice sometimes, when you are out in the public, when they say ‘oh, you did that? That’s fantastic.’ That’s all you need.”

“I love that no two projects are ever the same, there are always different challenges,” explains Shannon.

“You’re always learning new things, the industry is changing so much in terms of products and technology, you’re never standing still.”