The role of an architect

An architect is involved in working on the design, planning and oversight of a building’s construction.  They offer clients a level of design expertise that no other building professional can provide.

The Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) is a national body for qualified architects, with established professional standards. An AIA architect is is legally bound by, and must practice to the State Registration Board’s code of ethics, as established by the Institute.  AIA Architects are also encouraged to continue their professional development, and behave in accordance with the Code of Professional Conduct.

As a result, AIA Architects are leaders in their field, operate with professional integrity and provide superior independent and professional advice.

An architect works both as a team leader, and as an individual.  The role of an architect is to coordinate the team of specialist consultants, such as engineers, surveyors, builders, subcontractors, interiors designers and landscape architects.

We have been trained to advise clients on every facet of the building process.

This includes:
  • selecting a suitable site
  • Design and planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Managing budgets
  • Managing the construction process and team
  • Designing interiors, landscaping and external designs
  • Maintaining the building

Working with Brandrick Architects

A partnership with Brandrick ensures the exploration of a variety of options for the design of your building. Quality, innovative and experienced design principles enhance the value of your building, and can produce significant long term energy efficiency savings using passive solar design and clever processes.

Our early involvement in the initial concept, planning and design process will position our team to most effectively plan the build process, brief builders and provide a cost effective within budget build for you.

Throughout the project, we control the design, planning, quality of workmanship and materials to meet your time frames and budget; working as your independent adviser, we liaise with builders, consultants and suppliers to ensure compliance with the correct spirit and intent of the project.

Your role in the process

To ensure the ultimate success of your project, we require that you work with us closely to effectively communicate your project brief.  We need to know very clear details about space and functionality requirements, lifestyle needs and family expectations, site features, sustainability considerations, the quality of materials and fixtures, and any budgetary constraints.

Open and cohesive communications will allow us to work with you to prepare a design brief that fully explores every option available.  A great brief will ensure the project is completed on time and on budget.

Online meetings

Save time and increase efficiency by utilising our online meeting services.  Clients can attend online meetings by simply logging into our web based meeting space form your own desk top. Live chat, online white boards and shared drawings each increase our client communications, reducing travel and meeting time.

Project Schedule

Expectations for the completion of the project are discussed and agreed upon in the early planning stages. Project schedules take into consideration the nature of the project, the current building market, site availability and your personal timeline needs.